Zombie Self Awareness Kit

The Zombie Self Awareness Kit is a series of 5 interventions designed to reanimate our selves and create awareness around our relationship to our smart phones.


is the first connected brick for the age of electronic homes and useless devices. It does everything you might want from a Fitbit and yet it is in a form factor that is unwieldy and impractical. It uses haptics to communicate to users when they are being unconscious.

Post Text

is a way to give pause to text messages by creating a means to share a long conversation with a friend. It is about anticipation and excitement, yet fosters more attention and focus to the quality omitted from text messages, such as handwriting.

Shakie Selfie

makes life spontaneous again when you start taking selfies by shaking your phone. Share the moment with your friends and colleagues, by making fun of the beautiful moment of taking a selfie. (WARNING: likely to create artistically blurred photos)

Chance of Rainbows

is about re-framing our world view from relying on technology to manifesting a playful take on how we see the weather. So what if it's going to rain? There might be a rainbow. Calculating the angle of incidence of sunlight on rain into the human eye and then combining that information with time of day and weather predictions yields a new take on a drab subject. It might even get you to look away from your phone.

Zombie Crossing

Sign is an updated version of the standard pedestrian sign seen in use to today. It is my civic suggestion on how to update our dated infrastructure.